Sharon Keitt

Friends and family have noticed  and commended me on my recent weight loss.

I love the compliments but I have to be honest, I couldn't do it  by myself.  

I needed help and I got that help from Philip Censoprano. 

It's because of him that I have been successful with my weight loss thus far, and with the program he has set up for me I expect continuous success. 

If you are serious about getting healthy and fit and want to do it right contact him.

Daniel Morales

    October of 2012 is when I made the decision to adopt a healthier, active lifestyle. I was new and inexperience and needed a little help, and a personal trainer by the name of Philip Censoprano was the first one to step up to the plate. Something told me I could put my trust in Phil. I was determined to get results and he was determined to get me results. I was very inexperienced with the workout techniques, but Phil was patient and worked with me every step of the way to ensure I was ready to move up with my workouts. On our first session I remember I couldn’t even do a pushup; however, Phil continued to encourage me through every attempt. With the various techniques he taught me, I was able to work my way up to performing a pushup. It was a huge accomplishment for me. His encouragement got me to give one hundred percent on each of our sessions. With that I noticed I was getting much better at my workouts. Our training sessions intensified, but because of him, I was ready for it. Phil has extensive knowledge of fitness and always found a way to make each of our session a fun learning experience. I can say with complete honesty that I don’t regret hiring a personal trainer. Some say matching the perfect trainer with the perfect client is impossible, but I think in this case, the perfect trainer was matched with the perfect client. I put my trust in Phil and I’m never let down. Phil’s become much more of a personal trainer, he’s become an inspiration, a mentor, and a friend.